software development

Augmented Workspace for Learning Physical Computing Experientially (C#, WPF)


Bachelor thesis at the Media Informatics Groups of the Department of Informatics, Ludwig-Maximilian-University

Physical components like sensors, actuators, and microcontroller boards are tracked on the interactive table and augmented with additional digital content.

Design, concept and software development for the Microsoft PixelSense (C#, WPF, Visual Studio) with connection to the Arduino Uno.
Evaluation of the application in two user studies.

Publication at ITS 2011
Demo Video

2D Sidescroller Game for iPhone (Objective C, XCode)


3 months practical course (team of 4 students) at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University.
Concept, design, software development (Objective C,Cocos2D game engine, XCode)

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Edutainment Game CalcABIlity (Java/Android, Eclipse)


3 months practical course (team of 4 students) at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University.
App to train basic mathematical and logical operations. Concept, design and software development for Android.

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Pilot Project for a School App (Java/Android, Eclipse)


3 months pilot project (team of 5 students) for the App "SchulApp" to facilitate school's daily routine (homework, news, appointments).
Realized for the secondary school Poing in cooperation with T-Systems and the Ludwig-Maximilian-University

Software development for Android with WebServer communication via JSON.

Article from Augsburger-Allgemeine

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CowPow: Multiplayer game with physics engine and collision detection (Actionscript 3, Flash)


1 week practical course (team of 6 students) at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University.
Concept, design and development with Flash & Actionscript 3 using eXtreme Programming.

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Complex client-server multiplayer game (Java, Eclipse)


3 months project (team of 5 students) at Ludwig-Maximilian-University
Java client-server application similar to the famous multiplayer board game "The Settlers of Catan" including all special rules, chat functionality, multiple designs and sound effects.